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Presentations from guest users are shown online now
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We have changed our rules regarding guest users who upload presentations without signing up. Now any presentation that marked as “Published” become available to all SlideBoom visitors. This means that you can upload presentations and share them with anybody in the world without signing up. Tell your friends about it!


We have launched!
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Hi, my name is Slava Uskov. I’m a project manager of SlideBoom.
I am going to write any useful info regarding SlideBoom into this blog. I hope it will help you to know more about SlideBoom.

Today we have made SlideBoom open to any person in the world. A lot of work have been done so far and much more needs to be done in future. Our goal is to make SlideBoom a perfect place for sharing PowerPoint presentations and its discussions on the web. We will do our best to achieve this goal, so keep in touch and you will see it :)

Please, feel free to express you opinion and ask questions in your comments. We appreciate it. Thank you!