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SlideBoom allows to filter presentations by language
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SlideBoom has been a global web site since its launch. You can find presentations in 40+ languages there. It is a good idea to filter out presentations and view only those which you can understand.  Fortunately, SlideBoom now gives you such an ability. Choose the language you speak or understand at the “Presentations” page and enjoy viewing!

You may notice that your presentations has a language field now and the field has a value with postfix “(Detected)”. Yes, SlideBom does detect the language of your presentation automatically if it contains any text of course :) If your presentation contains only photos and you typed just a couple of words at your slides, SlideBoom will not be able to detect language of your presentation. Anyway the most accurate way to tell other people what language is used in your presentation is to set the “Language” field manually. You can specify the language of your presentation while uploading it or change the language later by editing details of the presentation.

If you have any questions, please post them right here in comments.


Insert SlideBoom presentations into your WordPress blog
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SlideBoom generates the special embed code for WordPress now. You can find it under the text “Embed into WordPress” at a presentation view page.

It is very easy to use this code. Just paste it into your post as a regular text and you’re done. All the magic is done by SlideBoom plugin for WordPress. Download and install our plugin once and be happy forever :)

This blog also uses WordPress engine, and you can see here how it works:


Meet a New SlideBoom!
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We have just updated SlideBoom to the version 0.9.2. This release includes many improvements. You must already noticed a new appearance of the SlideBoom and I’m going to tell you about other improvements and new features.

  1. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down instead of Rate
  2. Presentation rating was replaced with thumbs up/down. Now there is no start, only a positive or negative number. We hope this we will help us to get you more feedback from presentation viewers.

  3. Graphics comments
  4. Here will be a special post about this feature. You can take a look at the example for now.

  5. Redesigned presentation page
  6. Now it is easier to share your presentation. Go head and you will see it!

Enjoy SlideBoom!


New feature in SlideBoom Player: Auto Hide Navigation Panel
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Do you think the navigation panel of the SlideBoom player is not necessary when you are watching a cool slide show in full screen? If so, you can now easily hide and show the navigation panel of the presentation player using auto hide feature. Even if the navigation panel is not visible, you can switch slides using mouse cursor at the left or right side of the slide:

Here is how to use this new feature:

  1. Switch to full screen mode.
  2. Click “Auto Hide” button.
  3. Move your mouse cursor away from navigation panel.

Navigation panel will disappear after step 3. To get the navigation panel back, move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen where the navigation panel was before.

That’s it.