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How to embed large sound files into your PowerPoint presentation?
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Well, if you want to upload a presentation with audio narrations to SlideBoom, the most easy and fast way to do it is to use the iSpring Free PowerPoint add-in that works perfectly with SlideBoom. Then you will not need to care about the tricks that will go later in this post. But if you would like to open your presentation without any problems at another computer or to upload your presentation to SlideBoom from web browser, then read further.

Recently we’ve received a question about embedding large audio files in PowerPoint presentations. The tricky thing is that PowerPoint doesn’t allow to embed large .wav files by default. You need to adjust some “advanced” settings to allow this. This restriction works only for .wav files. If you have .mp3 files, you won’t encounter this problem. I think many people use a recorded speech saved as .wav file in their presentation and they don’t want to care about encoding their .wav files into .mp3 that is very compact format though.

So if you need to embed large .wav files into your PowerPoint presentation, please follow my instructions below. These instructions are for PowerPoint 2007 but I am sure you can do the same things with the previous versions.

  1. Open PowerPoint and select “More Commands” in the menu as shown in the picture:
  2. Click “Advanced” tab at the left side of the dialog and scroll to the “Save” options:
  3. Type something that works for you in the field “Link sounds with file size greater than:”. For example I typed 20500 for 20 megs. The maximum value is 50000 that is about 50 megs.

That’s it. Let me know if you have any problems.