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Here comes Slideboom Blog Sidebar Widget
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Display any presentation right in your own blog with a new invention of our caring team. Slideboom Blog Sidebar Widget. Just copy the link and embed the Widget. In a click of a button your readers could leap to required slideshows.

Isn’t it great when a useable device has nice facilities too? The thing is that Widget appearance is really easy to customize, and you can make it up as a native unit of your website or blog. Presentations number, header, background and font colors can be managed according to the color scheme of your resource.

Moreover, you are able to choose between latest, most viewed and most rated presentations to show.


A new SlideBoom privacy feature.
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SlideBoom offers you a new option that limits an access to your presentation.
All you need to do is to share a secret link with potential viewers of your creation.
To generate this link check “Give me a secret url” and press “Save” button in editing window:

Copy the url code and send it out to whoever you want to show you presentation to. It’s that easy!

Important! Make sure “I want my presentation to be available to anyone online” option is not ticked in the same editing window. It disables a secret url code creating, and your presentation will be public.


Want more feedback? Easy with graphic commenting feature!
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Graphic comment feature widens your abilities for creative presentation commenting. Want to draw attention to an important spot? Just highlight it!

To activate a set of graphic tools click a pen button on the player toolbar as shown below.

Both pen and highlighter are easy handled, and various colors and brush sizes are to your choice. Plus, you are always free to erase what you have scribbled.
With a “thumb-up” and “thumb-down” you also are able to express your positive or negative attitude to the given comments.

Why don’t share a comment that you liked/disliked or add it to your own blog? Just go to “Share comment” and copy a necessary link.

If you see a comment that you consider to be defiant, click white flag button to complain.


No limits now! SlideBoom supports PowerPoint 2007
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Have a number of winning PowerPoint 2007 presentations and want to share
them with the world? Their time has come! SlideBoom welcomes PowerPoint
2007 files. Now both pptx and ppsx formats are supported with the
highest level of accuracy.

Not long ago some of our users saved their 2007 presentations to
PowerPoint 2003 format to publish them to SlideBoom. And now SlideBoom
gives you an advantage to create dynamic and bright presentations using
PowerPoint 2007, upload them to SlideBoom and share ideas with the wide

We always try to make  our portal more convenient, more interesting and
catching for everyone. More formats, more opportunities…and there are no
limits now!


Meet a new blog writer
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Hi, my name is Sofia Chervakova. I’m here to help out with blog writing as Slava is getting way too busy with the rest of his responsibilities.

Getting acquainted with all the SlideBoom particulars is a lot of fun for me. Plus, I really find this website very serviceable. So, my pleasure to write about its upgrades and news.

Hope to be useful with important announcements and necessary information on development, PowerPoint, tips and subtle tricks.

Please, feel free to contact me by posting a comment whenever you have any questions.