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Meet a new blog writer
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Hi, my name is Sofia Chervakova. I’m here to help out with blog writing as Slava is getting way too busy with the rest of his responsibilities.

Getting acquainted with all the SlideBoom particulars is a lot of fun for me. Plus, I really find this website very serviceable. So, my pleasure to write about its upgrades and news.

Hope to be useful with important announcements and necessary information on development, PowerPoint, tips and subtle tricks.

Please, feel free to contact me by posting a comment whenever you have any questions.

One Response to “Meet a new blog writer”

  • George Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 4:52 am

    Hi Sofia,
    I have just signed in to SlideBoom and uploaded some of my presentations which I am very happy to say run perfectly (disappointed with other sites offering similar service)now all I ask is HOW CAN I GET PEOPLE OR YOUR SLIDEBOOM MEMBERS TO VIEW MY WORK? IS THERE AN ADD CONTACT FEATURE FACILITY?

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