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SlideBoom PRO is coming!
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We are releasing a next major version of SlideBoom “1.0″ November 11th. The most noteworthy part of this update is new paid “PRO” accounts with additional features. This will not affect users with free “Basic” accounts and they are welcome to continue using SlideBoom as they do today. Here is a list of the features that will be introduced in SlideBoom 1.0 version.

  1. Public Groups [Basic and Pro Accounts]
  2. All users will be able to create a public group where people can share and discuss presentations by certain topic.

  3. Private Groups [Pro Accounts]
  4. A user with paid account will be able to launch a private group of SlideBoom users. Only invited users can join such a group. Any presentation shared within a group and its’ discussion are available for group members only.

  5. Brand your player [Pro Accounts]
  6. Pick one of the three types of customizable players and adjust it to match your branding and needs (change colors, add clickable logo over presentation content, turn on/off features):
    • Minimal (small size and only required features)
    • Medium (medium size and additional features)
    • Advanced (large size and more additional features)

  7. Brand your web page with Slidelog [Pro Accounts]
  8. Your own customizable branded web page at No presentations from other users, no banners.

  9. Private sharing with secured SSL access [Pro Accounts]
  10. Share your SlideBoom presentations privately and securely.

  11. Download a Flash (.swf) file [Pro Accounts]
  12. Download a Flash file for offline distribution of a SlideBoom presentation.

  13. Download a Windows or Mac projector [Pro Accounts]
  14. Download a Windows or Mac projector for offline distribution of a SlideBoom presentation.

One Response to “SlideBoom PRO is coming!”

  • Andre Vlcek Says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 4:06 am

    I love what you have doen with slideboom Pro. It looks very powerful. Could you possibly produce some videos to show everyone how to use all of the features. That will make it much easier to learn how to use all of your advanced features. Thankyou for designing Slideboom Pro! Andre

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