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Get your new ‘Pro’ account now for free!
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Ready for a WOW? Let me then inform you that new ‘Pro’ accounts featured within an updated SlideBoom 1.0 are free for ANYONE till December, 10 of this year.

As it has been already mentioned in a previous blog post, ‘Pro’ accounts have a lot more features than ‘Basic’. Private groups creating, player customization, private sharing with secured SSL access, downloading presentations from SlideBoom, Windows or Mac projector to view SlideBoom movies offline – and this list is not a limit!

New SlideBoom 1.0 encourages people to communicate more and get more feedback on their presentations. Public group creating feature is available for ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ accounts holders.

Take advantage of your 30 days free trial opportunity of the best service with ‘Pro’ accounts at SlideBoom 1.0!