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New presentation embed options
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Many of the SlideBoom users have been concerned about the privacy of their slideshows. So it is now particularly pleasing to announce new presentation embed options added to ‘Pro’ account and that are great for privacy limitations.

If you want your presentation only at specific domains, you now have the right feature for that:

“Allow embedding this presentation to trusted domains only” and “Allow embedding this presentation to the following domains only”:


Say you only want your embedded presentation viewed at your webpage, but not embedded elsewhere. Then all you do is enter your webpage domain and that’s it! As it will be the only domain specified, all the others will be disabled for embedding this particular presentation.

You are additionally offered to create a trusted domains list and apply it for multiple slideshows:


This feature solves the problem of your presentation privacy. Thus it certainly adds up to the pros of the ‘Pro’ account.


‘Pro’ account users get more and more benefits.
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We constantly work on improving the SlideBoom service. This time Pro account capabilities got into the stream of our creativity. Thus Slidelog got two new color schemes to and its feature set is now enriched with two new playback options. ‘Start presentation automatically’ plays a slideshow whenever it’s opened and ‘Replay presentation automatically’ starts your presentation over again once it’s finished. We have received a lot of requests upon the above features and we are now happy to announce their availability.

Now you can easily make your Slidelog channel more personalized by applying new color schemes to it. Energizing and stimulating orange or calming and inspirational violet are the two new tints to your choice.

Your Slidelog is getting richer thanks to our dear customers that are involved. Please, always let us know if you think of some other feature that’s important to add. Who knows may be just that very option will be added to an upcoming release.