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What Stands for SlideBoom Business Solutions
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Many of our users are interested in what business solutions we offer within the Business tab of our website. In this post I will try to make things clear for everyone.

SlideBoom Cloud is a web service for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. It can be easily integrated with your application and thereby extend it with PowerPoint to Flash conversion facility.
SlideBoom Cloud has a number of advantages:
1. Quick integration, no extra development required
2. No need to create and support presentations conversion infrastructure (Window-server, MS Office, security protection).
3. Rapid scaling. It means that even if your application is overloaded, you don’t have to worry, if your infrastructure can handle it. SlideBoom Cloud infrastructure takes care of thousands of presentations every month, and it always has got a safety factor.

SlideBoom Cloud provides not only conversion facilities but also slide hosting space if required. This way you are well off as you don’t have to worry of your presentations hosting space.

SlideBoom SDK is a set of components that you may use for constructing your own SlideBoom like portal.
If you like SlideBoom and would like to have a similar functionality portal for your company, we can offer you SlideBoom SDK solution for your corporate portal construction.
If you would like to deploy some of the SlideBoom functionalities into your business application, then again SlideBoom SDK can be a perfect solution.
We individually approach every single SlideBoom SDK user and offer our consulting services (deployment, professional development and technical support) to help you create a complete application.

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