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New features for PRO accounts: more themes and statistics
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PRO account developers’ desire for excellence knows no boundaries and no limits. So PRO users received two great novelties.

First, they can now track detailed viewer statistics. This means they now have access to the data of who, where, when and how your content is viewed. It covers:

  • Traffic - how often an item is viewed
  • Traffic Locations - from where my presentations are viewed
  • Traffic Demography - what the sex ratio among my viewers is
  • Progress - how many slides they view
  • Embeds - where my presentations have been embedded into
  • Viewers - who viewed my presentations
  • Activity - what the activity for a presentation is
  • User Activity - what presentations a user viewed

As you see, this kind of data is absolutely irreplaceable especially if you are using PRO account for marketing purposes.

Presentation Statistics

Second, Slidelog got a new Modern theme available in six different colors: blue, dark red, turquoise, purple, green and orange. Give a full scope to your creative thinking and artistic abilities.

Stay tuned and learn about new features as soon as they get added.

One Response to “New features for PRO accounts: more themes and statistics”

  • Jutka Czirok Says:
    July 22nd, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Dear SlideBoom
    Have been using your player after migrating from slideshare (no links) and authorstream (upload slow and starter frame unattractive when embedded)
    Are you going to add a playlist feature, like Youtube have and Slideshare in the near future?? This is a great feature when you want to embed examples of students work in the school website but do not want 10 slideshows one after the other on the web page

    Regards Jutka

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