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Presentation Contest 2009 Winner’s interview
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For the first time in SlideBoom’s history, the Presentation Contest 2009 revealed a lot of great talents and wonderful slides. We are happy to introduce the Gold Award Winner - ViCoSo Company with their top_10 presentation:

Below is a brief interview with the winner company representative:


1. Tell us a few words about your company?

Visual Content Solutions (ViCoSo) is based on Long Island, NY.  PowerPoint has been the primary business focus since inception in 2005.  We at Visual Content Solutions develop special presentations in various multimedia software, although our main output application is PowerPoint.  ViCoSo’s mission is to provide PowerPoint solutions that present the client’s message clearly.  We work with our clients to produce a single message for each presentation.  In this way we get the most impact.  Simply put, we have 1 goal for 1 presentation to present 1 solid message.  Every day we are asked to create PowerPoint slides that don’t appear to be PowerPoint.  By combining a single message with a storytelling animation, we feel we are able to create the most impact.

2. How long have you been involved into presentations creating?

Although Visual Content Solutions has been around for only 4 years, our staff, on average, has been creating presentations for 15 years each.

3. What gives you inspiration when you are working on designing your presentations?

We find inspiration everywhere, including automobile and furniture design, product packaging, and even nature.

4. What advice would you have for people trying to design great presentations?

We always spend the most time and energy figuring out the single message.  Once we know the message, the rest is easy.  Our advice… determine your message and make sure every bullet, animation, slide and picture reinforces that message.

ViCoSo CEO, Christopher B. Contois, kindly shared his winner’s message:

PowerPoint is such a hidden gem within the multimedia world. I’m so happy that my team has gotten the recognition that they so deserve. PowerPoint typically doesn’t get publicized for its creativeness. I’m thrilled to have received this award. A special thanks goes to both SlideBoom for promoting the potential of PowerPoint. Today is a proud moment for us.  Thank you.

In our turn we would like to thank all the Contest participants and to wish them all good luck in further online presentation events.