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SlideBoom now supports PowerPoint 2010
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 gives you even more opportunities to create dynamic interactive presentations. Now whatever you create in PowerPoint 2010 can be easily processed by SlideBoom as it now supports all of its new features.

Vivid 3-D slide transitions and more realistic animation effects make your presentation much more professional and compelling. The new program is a more powerful tool that can help you to get your ideas across more expressively.

In addition to better opportunities to enhance your presentation content with more effects, you can also insert video and audio files. Of course it was possible in previous versions too, but PowerPoint 2010 installs your multimedia directly into your presentation, which makes uploading it to SlideBoom significantly easier.

Stay tuned to top-notch presentation technologies. Create slideshows with PowerPoint 2010 and deliver them effectively at SlideBoom.


Presentation Contest 2009 Winner’s interview
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For the first time in SlideBoom’s history, the Presentation Contest 2009 revealed a lot of great talents and wonderful slides. We are happy to introduce the Gold Award Winner - ViCoSo Company with their top_10 presentation:

Below is a brief interview with the winner company representative:


1. Tell us a few words about your company?

Visual Content Solutions (ViCoSo) is based on Long Island, NY.  PowerPoint has been the primary business focus since inception in 2005.  We at Visual Content Solutions develop special presentations in various multimedia software, although our main output application is PowerPoint.  ViCoSo’s mission is to provide PowerPoint solutions that present the client’s message clearly.  We work with our clients to produce a single message for each presentation.  In this way we get the most impact.  Simply put, we have 1 goal for 1 presentation to present 1 solid message.  Every day we are asked to create PowerPoint slides that don’t appear to be PowerPoint.  By combining a single message with a storytelling animation, we feel we are able to create the most impact.

2. How long have you been involved into presentations creating?

Although Visual Content Solutions has been around for only 4 years, our staff, on average, has been creating presentations for 15 years each.

3. What gives you inspiration when you are working on designing your presentations?

We find inspiration everywhere, including automobile and furniture design, product packaging, and even nature.

4. What advice would you have for people trying to design great presentations?

We always spend the most time and energy figuring out the single message.  Once we know the message, the rest is easy.  Our advice… determine your message and make sure every bullet, animation, slide and picture reinforces that message.

ViCoSo CEO, Christopher B. Contois, kindly shared his winner’s message:

PowerPoint is such a hidden gem within the multimedia world. I’m so happy that my team has gotten the recognition that they so deserve. PowerPoint typically doesn’t get publicized for its creativeness. I’m thrilled to have received this award. A special thanks goes to both SlideBoom for promoting the potential of PowerPoint. Today is a proud moment for us.  Thank you.

In our turn we would like to thank all the Contest participants and to wish them all good luck in further online presentation events.


Microsoft MVPs are complemented with PRO accounts and more.
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Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals are greatly welcome to join the SlideBoom PRO community. If you are a PowerPoint MVP, please contact us at and we will provide you with an annual subscription for a PRO account and a copy of iSpring Presenter, a premium PowerPoint to Flash software. Please put “PowerPoint MVP” in the subject blank.
MVPs specializing in other Microsoft products are granted a 50% discount for a PRO subscription of any duration and for both bestselling iSpring editions – Pro and Presenter. Apply for your half price offer at, “MVP” subject will make it happen sooner.
So just email your request any time at your option during all three summer months, and let us thank for your recognized experience in IT.


New features for PRO accounts: more themes and statistics
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PRO account developers’ desire for excellence knows no boundaries and no limits. So PRO users received two great novelties.

First, they can now track detailed viewer statistics. This means they now have access to the data of who, where, when and how your content is viewed. It covers:

  • Traffic - how often an item is viewed
  • Traffic Locations - from where my presentations are viewed
  • Traffic Demography - what the sex ratio among my viewers is
  • Progress - how many slides they view
  • Embeds - where my presentations have been embedded into
  • Viewers - who viewed my presentations
  • Activity - what the activity for a presentation is
  • User Activity - what presentations a user viewed

As you see, this kind of data is absolutely irreplaceable especially if you are using PRO account for marketing purposes.

Presentation Statistics

Second, Slidelog got a new Modern theme available in six different colors: blue, dark red, turquoise, purple, green and orange. Give a full scope to your creative thinking and artistic abilities.

Stay tuned and learn about new features as soon as they get added.


YouTube videos in your SlideBoom presentation
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How about a YouTube video broadcasted from one of your slides? Hosted on SlideBoom or embedded anywhere on the web, your presentation can have a YouTube video inserted right into it without sending your viewer to any external resource.


How do you do this? It’s quite simple. Just download one of the iSpring 4.2 PowerPoint add-ins. Even the free version of this PowerPoint to Flash software supports YouTube video insertion. Click the YouTube icon on iSpring panel in your PowerPoint and paste a selected YouTube video URL into the appropriate field. You are also offered to watch a tutorial on how to make it happen.


And what’s particularly great about it is that your presentation can be published directly to SlideBoom afterwards. Just select it as your output file final destination and specify your SlideBoom account details.

So, as you see it’s probably more complicated to pick out the right YouTube clip than all that it takes to insert it into your online presentation. Here is a demo presentation with a YouTube video inserted:


Presentation Contest 2009 is coming up soon
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We are happy to announce that we are hosting a major event – SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009. This contest is a unique opportunity to reveal your creative potential and experience and to get a professional expertise of your presentation.

Applicants are welcome to submit their works from 18 May to 21 June inclusive. Winners will be announced on 30 June 2009.

The top three winners will be awarded valuable prizes like SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009 Winner Cup, a lifetime subscription for PRO  account, advanced iSpring Presenter software and Gold Award badge.

All the members of SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009 group will get Contest Participant badges HTML codes to post at their competing presentation page.

Hurry up! Remember that the sooner you upload your applicant slideshow, the more votes you can collect throughout the Contest timeframe!

Learn more at the official Contest page.


SlideBoom now supports Open Document Presentation format
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Today I have a short, but nice and important announcement.

SlideBoom now supports files of Open Document Presentation format. ODP format is used in free office suites like OpenOffice, NeoOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony and proprietary software packages like Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice . This would definately expand SlideBoom community as it now is available for a whole lot of the above software users.

Even if you are a Microsoft Office user and SlideBoom has been your service since its launch, you win from .odp format support too. Just think of all those people who will join SlideBoom. This means that you gain a new and numerous audience! Is not that pleasing?


Private presentation sharing gets much easier
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Private presentations can now be shared unbelievably easily. No extra clicks required, just copy Private Access URL on your presentation page and send it out to your potential viewers.
If your secret link for some reason looses its privacy, you can generate a new one by clicking “Generate a new private access URL”.

Don’t hesitate to deliver your presentation by “Share by email” or “Share with group” options, depending on whom you would like to share it with.

PRO account users also get a chance to distribute access to their secret presentations by sharing a link accessible from Share this:
“Generate a new private key” option is also available for the Pro users.

Additional presentation password protection will shortly be available with a new release of iSpring Presenter PowerPoint add-in.


What Stands for SlideBoom Business Solutions
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Many of our users are interested in what business solutions we offer within the Business tab of our website. In this post I will try to make things clear for everyone.

SlideBoom Cloud is a web service for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. It can be easily integrated with your application and thereby extend it with PowerPoint to Flash conversion facility.
SlideBoom Cloud has a number of advantages:
1. Quick integration, no extra development required
2. No need to create and support presentations conversion infrastructure (Window-server, MS Office, security protection).
3. Rapid scaling. It means that even if your application is overloaded, you don’t have to worry, if your infrastructure can handle it. SlideBoom Cloud infrastructure takes care of thousands of presentations every month, and it always has got a safety factor.

SlideBoom Cloud provides not only conversion facilities but also slide hosting space if required. This way you are well off as you don’t have to worry of your presentations hosting space.

SlideBoom SDK is a set of components that you may use for constructing your own SlideBoom like portal.
If you like SlideBoom and would like to have a similar functionality portal for your company, we can offer you SlideBoom SDK solution for your corporate portal construction.
If you would like to deploy some of the SlideBoom functionalities into your business application, then again SlideBoom SDK can be a perfect solution.
We individually approach every single SlideBoom SDK user and offer our consulting services (deployment, professional development and technical support) to help you create a complete application.


Playback Taylored to Your Needs
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More good news from the SlideBoom development team. They’ve waved a magic wand, and here come new playback settings:

1. PowerPoint like Playback
- for those who have worked many hours on a PowerPoint presentation and just want for it to look exactly the same way at SlideBoom. We added a new playback option that will preserve all of original PowerPoint playback settings along with synchronized timings by default.

2. Video like Playback
- if all you need is a smooth flow of your entire slideshow. Plus, you can select duration for static slides (with no animations or sounds).


Playback settings can be applyied when first uploading a presentation to SlideBoom.

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