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SlideBoom now supports PowerPoint 2010
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 gives you even more opportunities to create dynamic interactive presentations. Now whatever you create in PowerPoint 2010 can be easily processed by SlideBoom as it now supports all of its new features.

Vivid 3-D slide transitions and more realistic animation effects make your presentation much more professional and compelling. The new program is a more powerful tool that can help you to get your ideas across more expressively.

In addition to better opportunities to enhance your presentation content with more effects, you can also insert video and audio files. Of course it was possible in previous versions too, but PowerPoint 2010 installs your multimedia directly into your presentation, which makes uploading it to SlideBoom significantly easier.

Stay tuned to top-notch presentation technologies. Create slideshows with PowerPoint 2010 and deliver them effectively at SlideBoom.


YouTube videos in your SlideBoom presentation
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How about a YouTube video broadcasted from one of your slides? Hosted on SlideBoom or embedded anywhere on the web, your presentation can have a YouTube video inserted right into it without sending your viewer to any external resource.


How do you do this? It’s quite simple. Just download one of the iSpring 4.2 PowerPoint add-ins. Even the free version of this PowerPoint to Flash software supports YouTube video insertion. Click the YouTube icon on iSpring panel in your PowerPoint and paste a selected YouTube video URL into the appropriate field. You are also offered to watch a tutorial on how to make it happen.


And what’s particularly great about it is that your presentation can be published directly to SlideBoom afterwards. Just select it as your output file final destination and specify your SlideBoom account details.

So, as you see it’s probably more complicated to pick out the right YouTube clip than all that it takes to insert it into your online presentation. Here is a demo presentation with a YouTube video inserted:


Private presentation sharing gets much easier
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Private presentations can now be shared unbelievably easily. No extra clicks required, just copy Private Access URL on your presentation page and send it out to your potential viewers.
If your secret link for some reason looses its privacy, you can generate a new one by clicking “Generate a new private access URL”.

Don’t hesitate to deliver your presentation by “Share by email” or “Share with group” options, depending on whom you would like to share it with.

PRO account users also get a chance to distribute access to their secret presentations by sharing a link accessible from Share this:
“Generate a new private key” option is also available for the Pro users.

Additional presentation password protection will shortly be available with a new release of iSpring Presenter PowerPoint add-in.


What Stands for SlideBoom Business Solutions
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Many of our users are interested in what business solutions we offer within the Business tab of our website. In this post I will try to make things clear for everyone.

SlideBoom Cloud is a web service for PowerPoint to Flash conversion. It can be easily integrated with your application and thereby extend it with PowerPoint to Flash conversion facility.
SlideBoom Cloud has a number of advantages:
1. Quick integration, no extra development required
2. No need to create and support presentations conversion infrastructure (Window-server, MS Office, security protection).
3. Rapid scaling. It means that even if your application is overloaded, you don’t have to worry, if your infrastructure can handle it. SlideBoom Cloud infrastructure takes care of thousands of presentations every month, and it always has got a safety factor.

SlideBoom Cloud provides not only conversion facilities but also slide hosting space if required. This way you are well off as you don’t have to worry of your presentations hosting space.

SlideBoom SDK is a set of components that you may use for constructing your own SlideBoom like portal.
If you like SlideBoom and would like to have a similar functionality portal for your company, we can offer you SlideBoom SDK solution for your corporate portal construction.
If you would like to deploy some of the SlideBoom functionalities into your business application, then again SlideBoom SDK can be a perfect solution.
We individually approach every single SlideBoom SDK user and offer our consulting services (deployment, professional development and technical support) to help you create a complete application.


Playback Taylored to Your Needs
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More good news from the SlideBoom development team. They’ve waved a magic wand, and here come new playback settings:

1. PowerPoint like Playback
- for those who have worked many hours on a PowerPoint presentation and just want for it to look exactly the same way at SlideBoom. We added a new playback option that will preserve all of original PowerPoint playback settings along with synchronized timings by default.

2. Video like Playback
- if all you need is a smooth flow of your entire slideshow. Plus, you can select duration for static slides (with no animations or sounds).


Playback settings can be applyied when first uploading a presentation to SlideBoom.


New presentation embed options
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Many of the SlideBoom users have been concerned about the privacy of their slideshows. So it is now particularly pleasing to announce new presentation embed options added to ‘Pro’ account and that are great for privacy limitations.

If you want your presentation only at specific domains, you now have the right feature for that:

“Allow embedding this presentation to trusted domains only” and “Allow embedding this presentation to the following domains only”:


Say you only want your embedded presentation viewed at your webpage, but not embedded elsewhere. Then all you do is enter your webpage domain and that’s it! As it will be the only domain specified, all the others will be disabled for embedding this particular presentation.

You are additionally offered to create a trusted domains list and apply it for multiple slideshows:


This feature solves the problem of your presentation privacy. Thus it certainly adds up to the pros of the ‘Pro’ account.


Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, April 19th, 08:30 GMT
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SlideBoom will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday April 19th starting from 08:30 GMT. Overall down time may be up to 4 hours. We apologize for inconvenience.

Update (12:30 GMT): Maintenance work has been completed. The web site is back up and running.


Presentations from guest users are shown online now
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We have changed our rules regarding guest users who upload presentations without signing up. Now any presentation that marked as “Published” become available to all SlideBoom visitors. This means that you can upload presentations and share them with anybody in the world without signing up. Tell your friends about it!