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SlideBoom now supports PowerPoint 2010
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 gives you even more opportunities to create dynamic interactive presentations. Now whatever you create in PowerPoint 2010 can be easily processed by SlideBoom as it now supports all of its new features.

Vivid 3-D slide transitions and more realistic animation effects make your presentation much more professional and compelling. The new program is a more powerful tool that can help you to get your ideas across more expressively.

In addition to better opportunities to enhance your presentation content with more effects, you can also insert video and audio files. Of course it was possible in previous versions too, but PowerPoint 2010 installs your multimedia directly into your presentation, which makes uploading it to SlideBoom significantly easier.

Stay tuned to top-notch presentation technologies. Create slideshows with PowerPoint 2010 and deliver them effectively at SlideBoom.


YouTube videos in your SlideBoom presentation
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How about a YouTube video broadcasted from one of your slides? Hosted on SlideBoom or embedded anywhere on the web, your presentation can have a YouTube video inserted right into it without sending your viewer to any external resource.


How do you do this? It’s quite simple. Just download one of the iSpring 4.2 PowerPoint add-ins. Even the free version of this PowerPoint to Flash software supports YouTube video insertion. Click the YouTube icon on iSpring panel in your PowerPoint and paste a selected YouTube video URL into the appropriate field. You are also offered to watch a tutorial on how to make it happen.


And what’s particularly great about it is that your presentation can be published directly to SlideBoom afterwards. Just select it as your output file final destination and specify your SlideBoom account details.

So, as you see it’s probably more complicated to pick out the right YouTube clip than all that it takes to insert it into your online presentation. Here is a demo presentation with a YouTube video inserted:


SlideBoom now supports Open Document Presentation format
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Today I have a short, but nice and important announcement.

SlideBoom now supports files of Open Document Presentation format. ODP format is used in free office suites like OpenOffice, NeoOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony and proprietary software packages like Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice . This would definately expand SlideBoom community as it now is available for a whole lot of the above software users.

Even if you are a Microsoft Office user and SlideBoom has been your service since its launch, you win from .odp format support too. Just think of all those people who will join SlideBoom. This means that you gain a new and numerous audience! Is not that pleasing?


No limits now! SlideBoom supports PowerPoint 2007
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Have a number of winning PowerPoint 2007 presentations and want to share
them with the world? Their time has come! SlideBoom welcomes PowerPoint
2007 files. Now both pptx and ppsx formats are supported with the
highest level of accuracy.

Not long ago some of our users saved their 2007 presentations to
PowerPoint 2003 format to publish them to SlideBoom. And now SlideBoom
gives you an advantage to create dynamic and bright presentations using
PowerPoint 2007, upload them to SlideBoom and share ideas with the wide

We always try to make  our portal more convenient, more interesting and
catching for everyone. More formats, more opportunities…and there are no
limits now!


How to embed large sound files into your PowerPoint presentation?
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Well, if you want to upload a presentation with audio narrations to SlideBoom, the most easy and fast way to do it is to use the iSpring Free PowerPoint add-in that works perfectly with SlideBoom. Then you will not need to care about the tricks that will go later in this post. But if you would like to open your presentation without any problems at another computer or to upload your presentation to SlideBoom from web browser, then read further.

Recently we’ve received a question about embedding large audio files in PowerPoint presentations. The tricky thing is that PowerPoint doesn’t allow to embed large .wav files by default. You need to adjust some “advanced” settings to allow this. This restriction works only for .wav files. If you have .mp3 files, you won’t encounter this problem. I think many people use a recorded speech saved as .wav file in their presentation and they don’t want to care about encoding their .wav files into .mp3 that is very compact format though.

So if you need to embed large .wav files into your PowerPoint presentation, please follow my instructions below. These instructions are for PowerPoint 2007 but I am sure you can do the same things with the previous versions.

  1. Open PowerPoint and select “More Commands” in the menu as shown in the picture:
  2. Click “Advanced” tab at the left side of the dialog and scroll to the “Save” options:
  3. Type something that works for you in the field “Link sounds with file size greater than:”. For example I typed 20500 for 20 megs. The maximum value is 50000 that is about 50 megs.

That’s it. Let me know if you have any problems.